CDICT: Online Cham Dictionary (Từ điển Chăm Online)


Online Cham Dictionary (Từ điển Chăm Online)

CDICT is an online dictionary for the Cham language. CDICT is searchable by, and contains entries in, Cham, English, French and Vietnamese languages. This resource compiles dictionaries written by Gérard Moussay, Bùi Khánh Thế, and Etienne Aymonier, among others.

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“The Austronesian Languages (Revised Edition, 2013),” by Robert Blust


by Robert Blust

This is a revised edition of the 2009 The Austronesian languages, which was published as a paperback in the then Pacific Linguistics series (ISBN 9780858836020). This revision includes typographical corrections, an improved index, and various minor content changes. The release of the open access edition serves to meet the strong ongoing demand for this important handbook, of which only 200 copies of the first edition were printed.

This is the first single-authored book that attempts to describe the Austronesian language family in its entirety. Topics covered include: the physical and cultural background, official and national languages, largest and smallest languages in all major geographical regions, language contact, sound systems, linguistic palaeontology, morphology, syntax, the history of scholarship on Austronesian languages, and a critical assessment of the reconstruction of Proto Austronesian phonology.


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