Author: Dave Paulson

Constructed during the 17th century, Po Romê is the last major tower built during the #Champa civilization, which spread throughout central Vietnam from the 2nd to 19th centuries. Archeologists and contemporary architects are still confounded by the indigenous #engineering of these structures (cf. Hardy et al. 2009). The main entrance faces east, a sacred direction for the Cham, and is adorned with the statue of #Shiva. This particular tower was built for worshipping King Po Romê (1627—1651), who is accredited by some for introducing the notions of Aheir and Awal into Cham cultural #philosophy (Yasuko 2010). Built in sun-dried red-brick clay, these famous towers endure into the present and function as holy sites for contemporary religious practice. Continue reading

Incredible Champa

Hình ảnh được thực hiện bởi nhiếp ảnh Inra Jaya về ảnh cưới của đôi nam nữ Chăm.

The Champa motif

Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/15828821/ChamPa

Ảnh: Kawom pasaih Camp


Ni dua thaik kawom anak pasaih Camp di ktx Sang Bac Nagara HCM.

Ni dalam harei daoh tamia uen harei Kate – Ramawan 2009. Nan balaoh dom urang pasaih pataom gaup viek piah ndom, mayai saong gaup.


Nhóm SV Camp KTX Đại học quốc gia TP.HCM



Biak buei, biak uen hu ralo mbaok adei saai pataom gaup