From Champa to Nguyen: the archaeology of central Vietnam

We are now inviting paper presentation proposals for the 2nd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference in Southeast Asian Archaeology. Presentations are meant to be 15-20 minutes long (depending on the panel’s convener). Proposals will be assessed and accepted until February 2016.
Anne-Valérie Schweyer

Do Truong Giang
Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)

This panel suggests a pooling of studies on two provinces of Central Vietnam. The history of each territory is conditioned by its geography and different perspectives will enrich the political, economic or religious knowledge that we already have. This panel aims to shed light on the regional importance of this particular coastal region. The occupants of the time of Champa kingdoms and the Nguyen Lords, in relation with the Highland populations, have all left their mark on this territory. By bringing together the imprints of these different pasts, we shall be able to reconstruct the process of settlement of the whole plain (around the Huong, Bô, Ô Lâu, Giang/Quang Tri and Ben Hao rivers) and thus better understand the construction of the region through these historical eras. By choosing these two important eras of central Vietnam history, the panel’s papers might shed new light on the historical continuity and discontinuity of this region in two different (but successive) periods of time.

Today, it is difficult to present an in-depth view of the area because its scattered riches are under-exploited. This panel would like to bring together different views of this region throughout about fourteen centuries of occupation to showcase its many facets. Viewing the changes in the landscape, locating the places occupied through time, drawing the main lines of communication can give a new boost to the region and inspire regional museums that are in the process of restructuring. The construction of a geographic information system (GIS) could thus be considered.

Research in fields as diverse as archaeology, geography, museology, epigraphy, anthropology, economics, history are welcome to enrich an overview of this particular territory and develop its high potential.

Keywords:Vietnam, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Quảng Trị, river system, Champa, Nguyễn Lords, process of settlement, communication lines, mapping, GIS, geography, trade, history, museum

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