Champa revised – Champa nhìn lại (Viet-Anh)

Michael Vickery

01Bài viết này có bản tiếng Việt và tiếng Anh.

As the title of this paper implies, I consider that the history of Champa, which, as a whole, has hardly been given critical study since Georges Maspéro’s 1928 book, is in need of revision.1 The important points which require revision are the following: (a) The origins of the Austronesian-speaking Cham who now live in Vietnam and Cambodia. (b) The Linyi problem. Was Linyi identical with Champa, from the beginning of records concerning it, or from a later date, or if not, what was it?2 (c) Relations with Vietnam, in particular the notion that Champa, including Linyi, was always a victim of expansionism by its northern neighbor. (d) The narrative of the history of Champa as conceived by Maspéro. Although his book received critical attention soon after its publication and more thoroughly later on from Rolf Stein, his main conclusions passed literally into the famous synthesis by Georges Coedès, and have continued to exert strong influence on further work, including total acceptance by some linguists within the last decade.3

Read the full paper here: vickery2005champa

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