EAP698: Digitisation of the endangered Cham manuscripts in Vietnam

Mr Hao Phan, Northern Illinois University
2014 award – Major project
£48,200 for 12 months

Archival partner: University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City

EAP698_2_31-EAP698_ThanhChau_31_001_LAn important cultural group within Vietnam, the Cham once had their own kingdom called Champa, which lasted from the 7th century to 1832. There are about 162,000 Cham people living in Vietnam today, concentrated in Central Vietnam and the Mekong Delta region. The Cham people possess a fascinating history and unique culture within Southeast Asia, still appreciated today through their ancient temples, ritual practices and daily customs. The most notable evidence of Cham civilisation is their writing system, which has been used for centuries. Their manuscripts contain rich information on Chamic civilisation and written records of Chamic languages. There are large gaps in Cham linguistics and history due to the fact that Cham manuscripts are not easily accessible to scholars. Digitising Cham manuscripts will not only preserve the manuscripts but also make them much more accessible to scholars worldwide. Continue reading