Weaving Life Across Borders: The Cham Muslim Migrants Traversing Vietnam and Malaysia

Angie Ngoc TranImage result for Angie Ngoc Tran California State University, Monterey Bay

California State University, Monterey Bay, USA
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Focusing on the understudied Cham (Sunni) Muslims who live in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam, decades after Vietnam joined the market system, I found that they have sustained their century-old mobile ways of life—including retailing, fishing, and sewing—in close connection with the global Islamic community to make a living and to continue their religious studies. But a mixed picture emerges in their response to Vietnam’s labor export policy since 2002: practicing geographical agency with short-term successes but facing more risks as both men and women engage in extra local journeys, crossing borders into Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Continue reading

Châu Đốc Muslims (Vietnam) faced with Salafism

Agnès De Féo

img-1In the Mekong Delta, around the city of Châu Doc, in the An Giang province in Việt Nam, the Muslim community resists a Salaf inspired Islamic purification. Reformers from Islamic universities in the Middle East have been trying for 30 years to abolish Islamic cultural heritage that is not in accordance with the written sources of the religion. Conflicts have emerged at the heart of villages and families, thus deeply dividing the community. Today, however, rituals such as the anniversary of the Prophet and the cult of the saints, condemned by Salaf Islam, are thriving. Vietnamese religious policy has helped limit the influence of Salafism. This article looks back on an aborted attempt to reform Vietnamese Muslims.

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