The Raja Praong Ritual: A Memory of the Sea in Cham- Malay Relations


(Extracted from Truong Van Mon, “The Raja Praong Ritual: a Memory of the sea in Cham- Malay Relations”, in Memory And Knowledge Of The Sea In South Asia, Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Malaya, Monograph Sries 3, pp, 97-111. International Seminar on Martime Culture and Geopolitics & Workshop on Bajau Laut Music and Dance”, Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya, 23-24/2008)


Raja Praong ritual of the Chams in Vietnam contains memory of ships and seas which have historically related between the Chams and Malays. Besides hymns describe on Champa wooden ships crossing sea to Malay, two wooden ships of Malay are also reproduced to perform in the Raja Praong ritual today. By Cham manuscripts with an historical point of view, the main content of the study focuses theme by many aspects such as legend, hymn, master, sea route, origin, shape and structure of wooden ships, specially the two Malay ships in order to find out memory and knowledge of the ships and seas as well as historical relations between Champa and Malay during 17th –19th centuries.

Key Words: Champa-Malay, sea, ship, relation, history Continue reading