Heritage and cultural tourism: the role of the aesthetic when visiting Mỹ Sơn and Cham Museum, Vietnam


Image result for Bao tang ChamThu Thi Trinha and Chris Ryanb*

Danang College of Econ

omics and Planning, Da Nang City, Vietnam;

University of Waikato Management School, Hamilton, New Zealand

(Received 22 October 2014; accepted 19 May 2015)

[Current Issues in Tourism]

Research on motivations and perceptions of tourists at a cultural heritage site is not rare but the personal and aesthetic context of visitors’ experiences have been neglected in much of the literature on cultural tourist attraction management. Using qualitative methods, this study explores the nature of demand for heritage tourism with particular attention to the appreciation gained by visitors of indigenous Cham culture, its arts of exotic sculptures, and its monuments and architecture. These dimensions describe an evolutionary experience of place that moves some tourists from a position of relatively shallow interest to an almost spiritual position due in some part to the role of the aesthetic that rises from landscape and dance. Continue reading

Cham folk culture with Ninh Thuan tourism’s development nowadays


downloadFacing new oportunities and challenges of tourist wave, with the country to push up nonsmoke industry, develop economy- culture- society, what Ninh Thuan province has done to develop its tourist potential? NT‘s tourist potential is not only Kate festival but also cultural tourist, wonderful natural beauty with sunny beaches, mountains, tower vestiges and special Cham culture treasure is really a potential to develop Ninh Thuan tourism. Continue reading