The Birth of Champa

Anne-Val´erie Schweyer

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ3AAAAJGZkODE2NmM1LTU4OGItNDc2ZC1hNzc4LWM2Y2M0MzM2NTc0ZgThis paper will attempt to illuminate what was meant by Linyi and Champa. If it can be shown that there were polities on the lower middle coast of today’s Vietnam before the words ‘Cham’ or ‘Champa’ appear in inscriptions and we should be able to clarify the precise birthdate of ‘Champa’. We must rely on Chinese texts and archaeological and epigraphic traces. Researching these sources tends to define the Cham area as a mosaic of different territories rather than a unified territory strung along the coast. Thus Linyi and Champapura were distinct territories, among others, which had existed since Austronesians first settled the coastal valleys of Vietnam.

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