The destruction and assimilation of Campa¯ (1832–35) as seen from Cam sources

Nicolas Weber

UntitledThis article proposes to study nineteenth-century Cam sources as valuable materials for the history of the disappearance of the kingdom of Campa¯ — or more precisely its last independent principality of Pa¯ṇḍuran˙ga — and its integration into the Vietnamese realm during the first half of the nineteenth century. The end of Campa¯ is recorded mainly in metrical works known as ‘ariya’. These sources offer unique and detailed accounts of the incorporation of Campa¯ as a Vietnamese province and the new administrative, economic, religious and cultural policies implemented by the Vietnamese. They also highlight the sufferings of the Campa¯ population witnessing the imposition of a new and foreign order.

See the full link here: The destruction and assimilation of Campa

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