The Indianized States of Southeast Asia by George Coedes

Image result for The Indianized States of Southeast Asia by George CoedesCoedes started the book by briefly describing the geographical characteristic of southeast Asia then explaining the term of ‘Indianization’ which for him is more into the influence of arts, custom and religion of India. He also included the usage of Sanskrit language as a huge characteristic of Indianization. He later focused on each Kingdom like Funan, Angkor, Srivijaya and Majapahit. Coedes also included the declined of the kingdoms and provide us few theories in Indianization of Southeast Asia.

This is a great book for those who were interested in learning the early kingdom in Southeast Asia or anybody interested in Indianization. I came across to a few books that have different view about the type of Buddhism during the earlier kingdom, Coedes wrote that it was Mahayana but there were other scholars said about other type of Buddhism. We were discussing about it during the class and my friend told me that he found it in Wikipedia. He is just ridiculous to say that! I need to read more and do more research on it


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