Authors: Dave & Isvan

#Ramâwan is one of the biggest festivals in the Cham Bani community. Held during the summer, this special time of the year is committed to holding cultural events, spending time among family and neighbors, and making offerings to #ancestors.

“Nao Ghur” is a cultural practice of visiting family burial grounds (ghur), and here various #rituals are held in order to invite ancestral #sprits back to to the home. In this image, Acar priests sit alongside community members to perform Kamruai (reciting of prayers) ghur, and do so while making offerings that can be enjoyed by both spirits and the living.

#Rituals like these also demonstrate some important connections between Cham #spirituality and the natural #environment. Devotional practices (for both Cham Ahier and Awal) are always accompanied by different materials such as betel or tobacco—each of which with their own particular meaning and placement within a sequence of offerings. Understanding Cham religion can be made clearer through a #holistic perspective between #communitymembers and the material #ecology within which they live, and allows us to begin thinking how these two help create one another.


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